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Acadia Medical Centre

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Acadia Medical Centre

Effective SEPTEMBER 2, 2021

Has RELOCATED along with Dr Dattani to :

Alliance Health Clinic

(Next to Sobey’s)

College Park Mall, 3919-8th Street East, Saskatoon. S7H 5M7

CLINIC HOURS – 9- 5 pm Monday to Friday

TEL: (306)808 3739 for appointments

Fax: 306 477 5000

Website: acadiamedicalcentre.com

About Us

Acadia Medical Center is a physician-owned primary care practice whose goal is to "Improve the Quality of Your Life". We follow you from pregnancy through childhood and all the way through old age. Our providers stay up-to-date with advances in medicine and technology while keeping family values and caring relationships alive.

This balance allows us to provide you and your family with warm, competent and comprehensive care. Acadia Medical Center has been providing the highest quality primary and preventative care in Saskatoon and the surrounding area since 1980. We are proud of the tens of thousands of patients we have taken care of over the years and look forward to providing the best care to you and your family when the need arises.

Medical Services Offered

Family Physicians are specialists in your overall care. The associates at Acadia Medical Centre are trained to care and treat a wide spectrum of medical conditions. Some of the medical services provided by our Family Practice include:

Wellness & Health maintenance

Wellness examinations, for patients of all ages are an ideal method for preventing disease and maintaining optimal health.

Asthma and COPD Management

Close and careful monitoring of Asthma and COPD can make a vast difference in your quality of life.

Chronic disease management

Chronic diseases such as Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetes, can lead to significant morbidity and premature death.

Maternity Care (Obstetrics)

We provide office Prenatal care followed by Newborn care in hospital.

Contraception & STI screening

We offer a wide variety of birth control advise including finding the method that is most suitable for your personal and individual needs.

Depression and Stress Management

Stress and anxiety may affect one in a negative way. Our physicians are here to help you in managing your mental and well being.

Geriatric (Elderly) Care

As we age our health care needs become more complex. We offer services that cater to the needs of the elderly including timely referral to home care and to geriatricians where indicated.

Joint Injections

Where indicated, we offer joint injections in knees, tennis elbow, shoulder and heel if there are arthritic or inflammatory problems that exist.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Testing (AMBP)

AMBP is a small portable BP device that is worn at home and will check your BP at timed intervals, even during your sleep.

Dermatologic Treatment

We provide dermatologic treatment including liquid nitrogen therapy for warts and biopsy.

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Phone: (306) 808 3739
Fax: 306 477 5000

Dr Dattani has relocated to Alliance Health Clinic (College Park Mall), 3919 8th St E, Saskatoon, SK S7H 5M7

Call (306) 808 3739 for Appointments

Hours Of Operation

Mon-Fri:   9 AM - 5 PM

Weekends & Holidays:  Closed

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For appointments please call us. We do not give or receive patient information by email.